The WiFiles is an online speculative fiction magazine, publishing one short story a week of between 1000 and 5000 words in length.

We are looking for works that incorporate speculative fiction and imaginative elements not found in contemporary reality, which includes: science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, alternate history, steampunk, superhero and paranormal.

A given story is probably NOT what we consider speculative if:

* it takes place or could take place today, in the “real” world as we know it
* it takes place or could take place in the historical past as generally accepted
* it contains elements that initially seem strange or supernatural but turn out to have a logical, scientific explanation

In other words, all elements of the story—characters, setting, conflicts, events—are entirely within the realm of the everyday and mundane, either past or present.

On the other hand, your story probably IS what we consider speculative if any of the following are true:

* it takes place in the contemporary world but adds fantastic or speculative elements
* it takes place in a past that is different from what is generally accepted
* it includes aliens
* it includes faery, mythical creatures, or invented species/races
* it includes magic
* it explores future technology or alternate technology
* it takes an existing scientific fact and extrapolates it beyond what is known
* it takes place on another planet or world
* it takes place in the future
* it includes characters with actual paranormal abilities such as telepathy
* it includes supernatural occurrences for which no logical or scientific explanation exists

This list is by no means exhaustive, but you get the idea: the story is not taking place in the world as we know it.



TheWiFiles requests Exclusive World Electronic rights for 90 days and non-exclusive anthology and archival rights.

All stories The WiFiles publish will be archived on the site – authors may, of course, link to their stories.

We take submission to The WilFiles as your permission for us to publish your work and do not send out other formal contracts.



We believe in the importance of being compensated for your work, even if it’s only a token amount. At this time, we are able to offer three dollars ($3) for each published story, to be paid via PayPal 30 days after publication.

However if you are so inclined you can waive/donate this compensation back to The WiFiles to help us pay for the running costs – The WiFiles is a labor of love and all resources are ‘home grown’ so your donation would be TRULY appreciated.

If you do wish to receive compensation please state this in your covering letter and supply your Paypal address.



All rights to all characters are retained by the original authors!



Publisher: Four Parts Press
Place of publication: UK


~ elements of description of speculative fiction above are copyright Sherry D. Ramsey

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