Summer Honey By Ronald Shortt

Oct 23 2011 Published by under The WiFiles

She’s the sugar in my lemonade, the hope of my tomorrow, and the
honey of my summer. She is the pedestal of my days and nights, I live
to please her, and I am happy. I enjoy picking her wild flowers and
giving her anything she desires. I am not the fool some might call
me. For I’ve never known such joy. You can fall in love in one day
and so I did.
I met her a month ago. She was sweet and shy, walking alone that
godsend morning. She was in the small field (across from my farm)
once owned by the Gownings, I wasn?t quite sure who owned it now;
it mostly stayed planted with soybeans. I already knew what she was
doing, as there was a patch of honey suckles in the backside of the
field hanging from the forest. I had seen some of the neighboring
children out there before, picking them for a sweet summer treat.
I decided to make my way across the field to confront her as awkward
as it would be. I am not sure why the feeling to do such a spontaneous
thing overcame me, something drew me to her.
“Hello. My name is Alex, I own that farm across the street.” I
said and she smiled. She was a bit taller than me with light golden
hair that curled wonderfully. Her eyes were a vibrant green that
matched the wonderful nature of our verdant surroundings. She wore
a white summer dress with purple and yellow flowers. And it was love
at first sight.
“Nice to meet you Alex, I am Elana.”
“You know you shouldn’t taste the honey from those.” I said
shaking my head.
“Why not?” She smiled wonderingly.
“There too close to the field and could have chemicals in them
from pesticides. A lot of the kids pick them; I try to warn them too
but they don?t care, I suppose they are ok if you was them off before
you taste there honey.”
“Very smart.” she said looking down a little red faced. “I was
going to put them in a little vase on my table, I like them for there
smell only but I just wouldn’t enjoy them now thinking they had
chemicals in them.”
“Oh, I am sorry I just thought I?d warn you so you wouldn?t get
sick if you tasted one. But you know I can take you some where, where
they are safe and pure, if you’d like. You know just so you would
know that they were chemical free.”
“That would be nice.”
“I have to ask though, Where exactly did you come from? I’ve
lived here all my life and am sure I would have noticed you before.”
“I moved her actually last week. I live in the old Nolen cabin.
I spent most of my life in Holland Hills.”
“Holland Hills?s, I heard nice things about that town, never
been though, I don?t travel usually more than two hours away from
here. That’s a pretty place though the Nolen?s cabin, it must be nice
to wake up in the morning with the pond to look at.”
“I do love it.”
I did take her to the place where I knew of fresh and clean
honeysuckles. We spent most of that day talking on into the evening.
We spent everyday since together in love. While I was not busy
working on the farm, tending to the animals and caring for the
fields, I was with her.
Tonight she is making dinner at her house. I spent all morning
and afternoon working on the new fencing for the farm, for horses.
All I could do was dream of her, carelessly swinging the hammer,
slipping here and there, hitting my thumb. Finally it was five. I
went home and showered. It was a ten minute walk. When I got there
she was in the kitchen squeezing some lemon juice in a picture of
iced tea. After we ate, a meal of baked chicken with potatoes and
carrots, splendidly spiced with rosemary, we sat out back on the deck
overlooking the pond drinking the sweet lemon tea.
“I have to tell you something Alex.” She spoke quietly making eye
contact. “First I want you to stay the night with me, is that okay.”
“Yeah that’s fine.” Of course it was, she had never asked me
too, though I had wanted to since our first evening together.
“It’s going to be a full moon tonight and I want you to walk with
me under it out where you took me to pick those honey suckles when
we met.” I smiled big, she was very sweet in her calm and shy talk.
We made love for the first time that evening. Then we slept
exhausted. She woke me around midnight. We got dressed and walked
down the road halfway to my home and turned down the dirt path that
lead into the woods. We reached the secluded opening and it was
beautiful with the bright moonlight cooling the summer night. We lay
on a blanket smelling jasmine and honeysuckles in the summer
breeze, staring at the glittered sky caught in an eternal moment of
“I want to marry you Alex. I want you to be mine forever. I love
“I love you too. Since I first laid eyes on you I was drawn to
you. So of course, let?s get married.” I averted my eyes from the
sky to stare into her.
“Well, we can, tonight we can be married. We’ve been together
only a month and there are some things you don’t know about me and
some things I don’t know about you but what I do know is that I am
not afraid of making this decision.”
“I feel the same Elana but how can we be married tonight?”
She pulled an aged, yellowish sheet from her pocket. “With this
we can lock our souls together forever. Even in death. Right now in
this moment.”
“Ok. Well let?s do it.” I was excited, with much joy, exalted
above the stars I was in heaven at the idea without question. We
stood together and began our clandestine wedding.
Shortt/Summer Honey/04
“Just repeat these words after me:
„By light of the moon
Through lush boon
Let my heart bloom
Lift the black veil
Where a god may have tried
I shall exceed
To be eternal
I shall be yours
Until the cinders of a burnt world perish
I swear it.”
I spoke the words unacknowledged, still dumbfounded in my desire
to be Elana?s forever. Then we kissed. And something changed in me
in everything it was a great feeling stronger than even the love I
held for her if that was possible.
She turned her back to me. She held her face in her hands. She
started to laugh a low and strange laugh. “So many things to learn.”
“Elana are you okay?” She turned and I jumped back, where had
she gone? But it was her, still in her white summer?s dress. Yet her
hair was no longer golden, it was silver but not because of the
moonlight. Her face became craggy and looked older than any tree in
this forest. The crone beckoned me with her bone finger, staring at
me but with no eyes only black holes. Yet in the horror the love
never ceased.
“Come with me now.” And I did under the everlasting spell I
followed her back to the cabin were we made love on the conjugal bed
amidst candles and grimoire?s. And I would continue to follow her
until I became dust, heeding to her every need, caught in her spell.
Though I was evermore infatuated with her I begged her to never show
me the truth again to keep the beldam at bay; the lie is much easier
to live under, with the slavery of this witch. She could still be
my summer honey in the gloss of my mind and she was.
The End


– – –


Bio: Ronald Shortt is an unpublished writer living in Lakewood,
Colorado since April, 2011, originally from the eastern shore of
Maryland. Shortt has been writing short stories and poetry off and
on since middle school. He has never attempted to publish anything
until this year. He looks forward to attending Red Rocks Community
College later this year for Journalism.

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