The Cosmic Five by Michael Blackburne

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When Scalador the space demon,escapes from the planet Monstra in the creature zone,five space knights are summoned to return the beast.

The space knights known as the cosmic five,follow Scaladors trail of planet destruction through space.

Scalador is an alien race feared demon,with many deadly powers of planet destruction.

The planet Monstra where many hideous space demons dwell,was energy sealed off,by the alien races who first encountered its evil.

The cosmic five,from the planet Brilline,are Brill space knights assigned to combat space demon evil.

The golden skinned space knights,travel space on cosmic powered shield shaped crafts,armed with galactic cosmic weapons.

The tall humanoid shaped knights have energy blue crackling eyes,and alien body abilities.

The cosmic five consist of Zane Zola,Zork voyd,Storg Meltus,Trib Asteron,and Spander Stavrok.

Scalador has carved a savaged planet trail through the universe,leaving death and destruction in its mighty wake.

The cosmic five enter the known world called Balstarr,in the creatic region of space.

The Balstarr scene is one of structure devastation,with many dead or dying Balik people lying mutilated everywhere.

‘See if any Balik live’says Zane to the knights,we need to know how warm Scaladors space trail is.

‘Here is a Balik survivor’says Spander,but he is injured to his body,I will attempt energy healing on him.Spander emits a burst of blue healing energy from his cosmic powered eyes,onto the injured Baliks form.

‘The Balik is recovering now’says Storg,we should be able to talk with him soon.

‘Tell us Balik says Zork’,how long ago did the space demon visit this world of yours?.

The monster first appeared in ‘early time’utters the Balik,knocking down our buildings with its red energy glowing wings.Then continues the Balik,the monster began destroying my people with its deadly red wing blasts of exploding energy.Our own cosma flight ship weapons’could not stop the monster’explains the Balik,it was body impervious to all our defenses.

Did the demon not use its ‘blue body eye Balik’ asks Trib Asteron,or its slashing whip tail?.

No replies the Balik,does the monster have even more destructive body weapons in its form?.

Yes my friend says Trib,the body chest eye of Scalador can ‘freeze all exposed lifeforms’,then tail smash them to many pieces.

The five black metal suited knights find a few Balik survivors,and energy repair them,before leaving planet Balstarr.

Scalador leaves a faint red energy trail in space,which the five can detect with Their space vision eyes.

Scalador appears to be on a course for planet Volteric,in the energy zone says Zane,we will go there also.

The energy zone is a system of energy discharging planets,with Volteric the largest world in that region of space.

Scalador is a fast space traveller,gliding on its giant cosmic wings of power.The space demon soon enters the energy atmosphere of planet Volteric.

The Voltar people are on red alert to possible attack danger from the demon.

Scalador launches yet another planet attack,which is the evil nature of all space demons.

The Voltar warrior race,fight back fiercely to protect their world,with massive space fleet craft strikes.

Scalador responds by using his blue chest eye blast weapon,which freezes space craft energy and controls,causing many crash landings.The demon also blast freezes countless ground based Voltar warriors,before savagely flight tail whipping them into shattered remains.

The five space knights are just hours away from planet Volteric,riding their open topped cosmic shield crafts at full burst speeds.The discharged coloured cosmic energy from the fives space crafts,leaves a rainbow slipstream through space.

Scalador meanwhile has devastated and turned planet Volteric into a frozen shattered wasteland of shattered death.Ice chunk bodyparts of the shattered dead lie everywhere in sight,victims of Scalador’s slashing tail.

By the time the five arrive at Volteric,the space demon has once again left the death scene for deep space.

Although many thousands of Voltar have perished on Volteric,many have survived Scalador,by sheltering in the wreckage of destroyed buildings.

The five meet with some emerging Voltar survivors,to discuss their mission and purpose on planet Volteric.

We are on the trail of Scalador,the space demon which caused your people harm,explains Zane,and we are sorry for your suffering.

The red eyed demon was fierce replies a Voltar spokesman called Grugor,we have heard of space demons,but have never encountered one before.

The monster called ‘Scalador’ has escaped its evil energy sealed world Monstra explains Storg,and is a very dangerous creature demon.

What can you knights do to ‘stop the monster’,when you catch up with it,enquires Grugor?.

‘We cannot kill’the indestructable undead demon explains Spander,but our cosmic weapons might restrain the evil beast,enough to return it to Monstra.

Then I wish you good luck says Grugor,you will surely need it against such a mountainous demon opponent.

Thank you Grugor replies Zork,we knights will try and make space safe again,for us all to live in peace and safety.

The five mount their shield crafts,and blast ride off into space together.The five soon pick up on Scaladors red space trail,which is taking a definite space course.

The demon seems to be heading for the ‘Earthling zone’ system of planets says Zane,worlds observed by our brothers the kromer race and other races.

The people in the Earthling zone have ‘primitive weapons of defense’ says Storg,we must hurry to save their world from the same demon destruction.

The five are on course for planet Earth at full power,and will try their best to intercept space demon Scalador if they can.

Sometime later and the space demon is closing in on seen planet Earth.The brown rock scaled body of the demon is mountainous,as it approaches from space on giant red glowing curved wings of death.

The large back curved horn on the monsters nose,pierces Earths atmosphere,and it has been detected by Earths radar defense systems.

Scalador first appears in russian airspace,and soon cosmic wing blasts many structures and landmarks into smouldering rubble.

The russian airforce launch air strikes on the demon,with rockets and bullet guns,but the energy monster proves to be quite impervious.

The demon uses its own body defences,to cosmic wing blast down many surrounding jets in arial encounters.

The demon also lets loose many freeze blast rays from its chest eye,pausing mid air to track its jet targets.After establishing its weapon supremecy,the space demon leaves russia for an arial bombardment of the whole world.

Scalador fly visits every main country of Earth in the next few hours,blasting down every tall building and long bridges,in red cosmic explosions.

Every airforce in the world fail to put a dent in Scalador’s energy protected rock scaled body.

Suddenly the five arrive over chinese airspace,and activate their space bubble shields,to protect themselves from attacks.

The five are soon considered invaders themselves from the chinese,who also launch attacks on them.

The five concentrate and converge on Scalador,bumping the demon with their shield crafts clear of populated area’s.

Once over open countryside,and with the chinese airforce just observing for the moment,the alien battle now takes place.

The five turn off their cosmic space bubble shields,and air step into battle mode.

The five put their shield crafts on anti gravity mode,allowing them to leave their space transports mid air.

The five first use their cosmic powered swords,to fire coloured bursts of gravity energy onto Scaladors wings and body.Gravity energy increases the density of any flying object forcing it to land.

The demon lands heavily,and is soon revealing flight body pocketed,mighty steel clawed leg and arm limbs.

The demon slashes at the five with its armour ripping claws,but the five have agility dodging powers.

The five are also masters of energy air stepping,and are soon surrounding struggling Scalador,who is weight laden by many extra gravity tons.

The space demon retaliates savagely,by firing its blue chest eye freeze ray,and red cosmic wing blasts at the five in turn.The five have activated their body armour into reflect mode,which cleverly returns weapon body strikes to the sender.

Scalador is return blasted with its own deadly blast weapons from the five’s armour,and is going wild with rage.

The five next produce their short cosmic power lances,which fire tightening energy grip bonds of restraining power.

The five air step swiftly,around the snapping fanged jaws and claws of the demon,which is soon surrounded by restraining rings of power.

Scalador’s body is now fully energy restrained by the five’s cosmic powers,and the beast is now struggling just to stand.

We have the demon now my friends says Zane,time to subdue the beasts head for space transportation.

The other space knights aknowledge Zane,and the five use their switch power eye vision,to seal Scalador’s head in a energy bubble for everyones safety.

Next the five use reverse gravity energy from their cosmic swords on the demon,making it easily space moveable.

Chinese photographers soon transport appear from everywhere,to snap and film the historic alien monster event.

And as the cosmic five leave Earth for planet Monstra,with floating demon prisoner Scalador,they soon become known as world saving heroes.

Short bio,My name is Mike Blackburne,and I am a new writer of Imaginative fiction stories,just starting out..I live in Warrington cheshire,with my wife and grown up son,and have a great imagination to share with readers if published..

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