King of the Two Lands By Jerome Brooke

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Astarte was one of the last of a powerful race, with power like unto the gods. Her
people had seeded many worlds with life, and she was paid divine honors in many of
her provinces and cities. She was the mother of Theonas, founder of a line of kings
who ruled with justice and mercy, not fear and dread.
Imperial Annals, XII, p. 1266.
Holy Mother, I have been given the Sword of Power. The very voice of the Storm
God has proclaimed me to be favored by the hosts of the heavens. Let my dispatch be
entered into the Annals, if such be your Divine Will. By Order of Theonas, Prince
“Theonas, the ancient sword is in the tomb of the King my Father, Diophilas. You
must enter the Sacred Precinct, and take the sword.” spake the Divine Astarte. “All
will see this as a sign of your deification!”
I had been summoned to the presence of the High Queen, seated in the royal pavilion.
“I shall take the sword, and return as one favored by the gods,” I responded. “We
will depart at your pleasure.”
“Your sister, the Princess Isis, will go with you,” commanded the Queen Mother.
“She will be given divine honors by the High Priestess.”
“We shall take the homage, and secure the fealty of the temple,” said Isis. “The home
world must needs to proclaim us as their rightful rulers.”
Astarte rose from her throne, and raised the glowing orb she held. Rays of light
sprang forth from the gems set in the orb, rising into the sky of the open courtyard of
the Imperial Palace. The rays merged to form a great rainbow, surrounded by a
swirling myst.
“Mount your chariot, fair son!” called the Divine Lady. “And there is your road to
the birth world of my sire, the Storm God!”
The royal chariot, bright in gold, pulled up at my side. Isis joined me at the side of
the chariot. I lifted my sister, onto the platform, and leapt up to her side. The
charioteer, a shieldmaiden, saluted us. I bid her to drive forward into the sky. The
chariot pulled forward, with its team of four.
As the chariot moved forward, it was enveloped by the growing myst, and the rays of
color. The chariot was borne upward, and began to follow the rainbow bridge. The
four mounts raced forward, into the firmament.
We soon passed the high arc of the bridge, to another reality and world. We began to
race downward, passing the bow of the arc, down into the myst near the surface. We
reached the ground, with a jolt. As we drove forward, the myst began to clear.
As the way began to clear of the myst, we could see we were on a broad road of stone
slabs. Before us was a temple with massive columns of marble, with a towering
pyramid behind, in the distance.
We followed the road towards the Sacred Precinct. As the neared the portico of the
temple, a group of women appeared from behind the columns. We halted when we
were in hailing distance.
“I, High Priestess, welcome you, as the Prince Imperial. We also welcome Isis, the
Divine Avatar. We pay you homage as divine, and will gladly do thy will!” cried out
one of the women.
“We accept your fealty, lady. We must venture to the royal pyramid forthwith.
Follow us, as ye might, to the tomb of the High King,” commanded Isis.
I touched the arm of our charioteer, the signal to drive forward. A broad processional
way led from the courtyard to the tomb. As we neared the pyramid, Isis drew her
dagger, its hilt rich with rubies. She pointed the blade at the pyramid. A ray of red
light sprang forth from the gems, striking the wall of the structure.
As we watched, a section of the stone wall began to open, descending to the platform
at the base of the pyramid. We stepped from the chariot.
“The Storm God welcomes us, brother. His grace is palpable in this holy place!” Isis
intoned. “We must enter, to honor his presence.”
We climbed the steps leading to the platform at the base of the structure. We went to
the ramp newly formed by the entrance slab. The ramp bore steps, leading into the
We climbed the stairs, and entered a broad passageway, leading up into the interior of
the pyramid.
“We must now seek to discover the will of my father, the Storm God,” I, the
demigod, did urge.
The passageway was dimly lit by a glow coming from the ceiling. We carefully tread
up the winding ramp, moving into the heart of the tomb. As we climbed upward, the
lights suddenly grew dim. We then heard the call of a bird, and the flapping of great
wings. I pulled Isis to the side, as a great bird, white in color, swooped pass us.
Isis folded me into her arms, and kissed me fiercely. Her eyes were wild, and her
white robes in disarray.
“A servant of my divine father!” I said, holding her tight.
It was said that I was sired by the Storm God. He had appeared to the Divine Astarte,
also his child, born eons ago, and lay with her. Thus, mine was an immaculate
The light was slowly restored. We turned a corner of the tunnel, and saw a great
double door before us. As we waited the doors swung inward. There was a strong
odor, a mix of the smell of cedar and rare spices.
From the interior, a woman appeared. She was skyclad, and carried a dagger of gold.
She bowed to us.
“Welcome to the presence of the Storm God. I was entombed with him to serve him
in his immortality. Come, and behold!” did say the woman.
We went forward, into the chamber. Everywhere, was the gleam of gold and
emeralds. Directly before me was the statue, made of gold. The God carried a sword
in his hand. He wore the double crown of the two lands. Next to the statue was a
great sarcophagus, also of gold.
“Welcome, Theonas, gift of the Nile!” a strong voice reverberated in the chamber.
“Yours is a great destiny, and many new worlds will you conquer. With your sister
and consort designate, you will sire many sons of great power!”
“Father of the Sky, I will lead forth our legions. All will be as thou doth will!” I
“Take the sword atop my reliquary. Carry it to victory!” spake the God.
I went to the side of the sarcophagus, and saw at its head a statue of a fallen lion.
From the breast of the beast was a great sword of state. I reached up, and grasped the
handle of the weapon. I pulled, and found that I could draw the sword slowly forth.
I held the sword high, and watched in awe as both the blade and I were momentarily
bathed in a glowing light. I looked back, to see a scabbard lying at the foot of the
lion. I belted on the scabbard, and returned to the side of my sister.
“We must return to the world of the living, Great King. Come, let us leave the God in
peace,” Isis said unto me, her voice unsteady.
She embraced me for an instance, before we both hurriedly left the chamber. We
walked quickly down the ramp, and at last into the waning light of the sun. On the
platform was the High Priestess. She went to he knees before me, kissing my Ring of
the Imperium.
“Thou art the select, the Great King. The scrolls did promise that thou would lead
forth our legions to subdue a vast new realm!” cried the High Priestess. “Command
us, Divine King!”


– – –


Jerome Brooke was born in Evansville, Indiana.
He now lives in the Kingdom of Siam. He has
written our Lady of Silk and many other books.
His work has been published in many magazines,
including World of Myth – Welcome to Wherever
– Blood Moon Rising – Candidum – Danse Macabe
– Indigo – MelBrake Press blog – First Literary Review
– Penny Ante – Conceit – Inquisition – and Mirror Dance.

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