Fragile by Andrew N. Becerra

Apr 14 2013 Published by under The WiFiles

“I am part of the Great Ape Family!” Her attorney’s words came out as a snarl. Several thousand pounds of gorilla moved its face inches from hers as he slammed his fists into the reflective table.

“Did you say, ‘The Grape Ape Family?” She said. “Because in that tacky purple suit, I’d believe it.” What was left of the prison’s interrogation table crumbled as the attorney’s tantrum flew into full swing.

From the other side of the one-way glass two, very human, detectives watched, as Marla Anderson, handcuffed to her chair, taunted her own counsel.

“So what do you make of her Murphy?” Johannson asked. “Just another attempt at an insanity plea? Or do you think there’s something to that story of hers?”

Murphy chewed the stump of his cigar as he stared at the two of them. “I don’t know, but I don’t like it.”

Marla, looked through the one-way glass and said, “Look, I’ll tell ya’ll what I remember, one last time. Hit the record button on your wet-ware if you have to, because after this, I want my damn phone call.”

“The first thing I remember that makes any sense at all is waking in that field…”


“What the heck hit me?” My eyes burned as the sun gouged them open. I felt dirt and crabgrass beneath my fingertips as I pulled myself up off my back. Now this ain’t right. Looking down as I stretched myself awake, I was greeted by a number of absurdities; not the least of which was my own very plump breasts. Where did these come from?

Blinking myself out of any chicanery, I took a deep breath and looked at my surroundings. Yep, I’ve lost it. What else could someone possibly think when they are greeted by a gloved hand, extended from a man wearing blue and white spandex?

“Where the heck am I?”I asked. “Is there some kinda convention nearby?”

“Erde. We summoned you here.” His voice, so commanding and authoritative, not only inspired confidence, but made his costume no longer feel so out of place. “You’re The Invincible Girl.” He said, as if I should know that name.

But I’m not…am I?

“The who?” I said, but just as the words were chucked from my lips, my perspective widened, and I took in much more than a single man sporting his underwear on the outside of his clothes. I saw the impossible.

Across the field in which I lay, dozens of tanks barreled toward us, and there in the skies above, a murder of airships darkened the sky. My stomach lurched from my skin as I saw the approaching army, but what stole my breath away was when I noticed, tattooed upon the war machines, was the black swastika of Nazism.

“Ma’am, are you ready?” He asked.

“For what? What am I doing here? And who the heck are you?”

“For war. We called you here. And I am Major Virtue.” Again his voice tore away all doubt from my mind, leaving only this fervor to join him. He extended his arm, and in taking it, I was instantly transported with him, into the fray.

Within the lifespan of an unborn star he’d set upon the invading army, but he was not alone. All around me men and women of potence unleashed a fury unlike anything I’d ever seen.

I watched as a man to my left cleft chunks of metal from a tank with his bare hands. A woman close by him howled as she lifted a tank over her head and flung it into the sky to tackle one of the birds of prey above us. All around me death hailed, from what looked to me like ordinary people. There were even others with more amazing abilities, I could have sworn a man standing akimbo crushed the tank in front of him by giving it a stern glance, and a man with an oversized top hat, pulled a rocket launcher from nowhere to fire upon a stray airship.

From among the tanks, like a blanket of death, wolves descended upon us. Teufel Hunden in earnest breached the lines of the ubermensch and dashed beyond us. For the first time, I looked back, and fear truly struck me as the hounds sought the blood of the innocent. What these Supermen were protecting was a city of glass, and the ill-advised citizens had so much faith in their protectors, they’d come to look upon the 3rd Reich’s destruction.

Several citizens ran as wolves the size of sedans bounded toward them, those few that did not, soon left this world in a river of blood. But I couldn’t stand idly by as so many lives were taken. I’m here for a reason. They called me here. He called me The Invincible Girl…

My strides were swift, and I was able to single out a small family, immovable as stone, and I stood before them. I locked eyes with the Alpha as the pack surrounded us. Without looking, I stole from the father’s hand, his Newspaper.

Alpha stepped forward, baring bloody teeth as he channeled a growl that emanated from Tartarus itself. It’s just a dog. They called you here. There had to be a reason they called you here. This will work…

I stared into his feral eyes, and he into mine, and all the while the pack grew ever closer.

His muscles tensed. He’d found me unworthy—


Shock spread over Alpha’s…face. His muzzle contorted and his eyes became less poignant. The pack froze. Some sat down and scratched, others stood still unsure. But Alpha felt his loss of control, and that was enough for the hairs on his back to stand on end. The growl deepened as his fur rose, and his pack again became the reapers they were bred to be.


Snot began to dribble from his nose at the second strike. I stood confident and proud; I was Alpha for a spit second then–


I watched the bottom two thirds of my body devoured as I listened to my ward’s last utterances. Tears and blood flowed freely down what was left of my identity, as I tumbled through the air. I’d been torn apart by a quick swipe from the true Alpha.

The last thing I remember before losing consciousness was a young man with greasy black hair, pocket protector proudly displayed, picking me up and saying “Everything will be okay…I think I can fix this…”


                Geraldo, The Invincible Girl’s attorney, looked deep into her eyes and said, “Is there nothing else? You have no memory of what you’ve been doing these past few days? I mean, we all saw the news coverage of you attempting to save that family, but that was over a month ago, and over the past few days the police have camera footage, fingerprints, and eye witnesses who watched you…Is there nothing else Marla?”

“I am sorry Geraldo.” Marla said. “The next thing I remember is waking up in police custody, chained to this chair. The detectives on the other side of the mirror were watching some of the footage in there. I watched it from here—“

“That’s impossible, this is one-way glass.” Murphy said. “The freak—“

“The Freak, can hear you! And your damn one-way mirror doesn’t work. I can see right through it.” Marla looked into her counsel’s huge brown eyes. “That girl couldn’t have been me. They shot her… then she just turned and ran away…Like some kind of robot.”

“Marla…give me your hand.” Geraldo said. She reached across the table to touch him.


Marla’s handcuffs broke and fell to the floor.

“I don’t know what’s happened to me.” She said, as dark oily tears scared her face.

“I believe you Marla. I believe you…”

Bio: I am an Iraq war veteran and former Marine. I broke my back in 2005 and after found a passion for writing. I have always been an avid reader of fiction and after several college courses I am finding that it is time to start finding out if I can one day make a career out of this, or if it is only a dream.

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