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23 Nov 2014 A Mother’s Love and Other Intoxicants by Russell J. Banzett

16 Nov 2014 Protagonist, Conclusion by Nicholas M. Bugden

09 Nov 2014 Forked Tongues by Jill Corddry

02 Nov 2014 Dragon Girl Star Zenith by Judi Calhoun

26 Oct 2014 Shadows of Faith By Luiz H. Coelho

21 Sep 2014 THE TRUTH ABOUT RED RUSSIAN KALE by Mandy Foster

14 Sep 2014 WOOD CHIPPER y Luke Asa Guidici

07 Sep 2014 THE SKY PEOPLE by Alex Hardison

31 Aug 2014 Fish Dreams By Tara Campbell

24 Aug 2014 Resistance is Futile by Jessica Morrow